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Cave Pets is pet nutrition, evolved.

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The world looked different 10,000 years ago. So did our pets.

In the untamed wild, animals instinctively seek foods that cater to their exact nutritional needs. As their stewards, we must recognize this and pivot back to nature's timeless wisdom.
Cave Pets champions the age-old wisdom of primal nutrition that bridges ancestral diets with your pet's modern needs providing the superfood elements of Regenerative Organic Certified® mushrooms and organic herbs, along with vital organ meats and targeted probiotic strains to deliver instinct-driven nutritional support.

Our pets deserve more than just sustenance; they deserve a diet that harks back to their ancestral origins.
Join us in returning our pets to their natural dietary heritage, optimal health and well-being.

Science that can’t be barked at

Ancient Wisdom

Reconnecting pets to primitive needs, nutrition and reality - nutrient dense proteins, organ meats, whole foods, and probiotics to elevate your pet’s current diet.

Modern Science

Providing customized, functional nutrition to meet the daily needs of your unique pet in easy to feed modern treats and powders.

Environmental Actions

We dedicate 1% of all revenue to regenerative agriculture, nutrition and climate health.

Regenerative Organic Certified® Ingredients

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Cave Pets is the First (and only) brand to bring Regenerative Organic Certified® products and ingredients for pets.

Everyone who eats food (that includes your pets!) can play a role in the movement for regenerative organic agriculture by choosing foods, treats, and supplements with the Regenerative Organic Certified® label. When you purchase ROC™, you know at-a-glance that your purchase makes a positive impact on the farm at every level: environmentally, ethically, and socially. Visit for more information.


Whole Food Ingredients

Good food comes from good farming practices. It is our responsibility to our pets and ourselves to replenish the soil that produces the food we all eat.
Jason Dewberry

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